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  • Creating a Load Balancer in Azure Cloud
    Load balancers allow for more efficient distribution of incoming network traffic across a group of servers or resources. They are useful for high throughput traffic environments. In this blog I will show how to setup a load balancer in Azure Cloud. Azure’s Load Balancer environment is recommended for regional non-HTTP(s) traffic. If you […]
  • Microsoft Server 2019: Create a Domain Controller and join the Domain
    Part 1: Create Domain Controller and join Domain This video will show how to setup a domain controller in Microsoft Server 2019 and then join the domain using a Windows 10 client. This is demonstrated in VMware, but it will work natively on Windows 10 and Server 2019 as well. Requirements: A Windows […]
  • Amazon AWS vs Google Cloud GCP
    Cloud services like AWS and Google Cloud provide on-demand delivery of computing power, storage, applications, and databases over the internet. It is a pay-as-you model that eliminates the need for most on-site infrastructure. Therefore, it reduces staff, space, physical security, and capital expenditure. Cloud computing is flexible, allows organizations to change more quickly, […]
  • Work From Home: Securing Your Computer and Network
    Malware, ransomware, phishing emails, and social engineering; all these can cost a business millions of dollars. With how companies and employees are rapidly adopting digital work, it is important that they protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated cybercrimes. In fact, since the start of COVID-19, cybercrime has increased 600% in 2020 alone.
  • Explaining and Configuring the RIPv2 Routing Protocol
    RIP and RIPv2 RIP stands for Routing Information Protocol. It is a distance-vector protocol based on hop count. Although RIPv1 and RIPv2 are similar, RIPv2 addresses some of the deficiencies of RIP by providing better security, supporting multicast traffic, and manual route summarization. In this blog, I will focus on RIPv2 as it’s […]

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Studying for CISCO CCNA

If you are a visual learner like me and are also studying for the CCNA, I suggest following CertBros on Youtube. He helped me understand a lot of abstract conceptions within Cisco IOS that I didn’t get in class:

Passwords and Security

This is my favourite extension on Chrome/Firefox, it called LastPass. It is a password manager installed on your browser and mobile devices. It creates unique passwords for every login credential. I’ve used this for many years to secure my passwords along with Microsoft Authenticator for multi-factor authentication (MFA).